‚Now is the winter of our discontent!’

Let’s start with some good news: another gloomy, cloudy winter is almost behind us! Not that we have had enough snow or sunlight over the past few months, have we?

Łukasz Cioch. (fot. P. Banasik)

Lack of sunlight is hardly known to be reason for optimism. Quite the opposite, in fact. It is one of the most obvious causes of depression, mood swings and ailments of all varieties. This year, however, it’s fair to say there really is a silver lining to focus on, maybe even more than one. First off, February was quite an interesting month to ski in most of Poland’s southern skiing resorts, wasn’t it? Secondly, one of the most promising trends of the past few years is that Kraków is gradually rising to become a true thought leader in the Polish clean-air debate, both compared to the past and the efforts made by other cities to date. In doing so, it has largely inspired the rest of the country to take the whole challenge far more seriously. At the same time, for various reasons, national media outlets have made it their goal to educate Poles about #environmentalawareness with much more vigour and seriousness than was the case in the past. For more information, go to ‘Krakow O2’ on Facebook.

Seeing how many efforts are being undertaken in Kraków these days on multiple fronts, you may even indulge a conclusion that 3-5 years from now, the city will boast some of the cleanest air in the south of Poland, despite its unfavourable geographic location (along the Wisła river valley).

With Kraków as the European capital of business services, we decided that in the waiting-for-spring edition of What’s Up Magazine, it is only proper that we take a closer look at the so-called ‘integration trips’, i.e. corporate get-togethers, which have evolved over the years, to become, well, in addition to the obvious, sophisticated management tools.

For some companies, it is now a matter of principle to be able to demonstrate how their CSR policies translate to the city fabric in a meaningful way.

Our next article may prove to be even more interesting for many of you. It covers some of the most relevant implications of the free market economy as seen by…pretty much all of us! The stories that follow take you to the intricate world of architects and architectural modelling, and more specifically, its charming, old-school variety. We also tell you a little bit about the new kid on the block, Kingfisher, the company behind, among others, Castorama, which has been busy establishing its first global centre in Kraków. We then talk to Mateusz Mucha, the man behind Omni Calculator, who shares with us his ideas for further development and scaling of his Kraków-based startup. On its second anniversary in Kraków, we talk to Magdalena Weiner of Cathay Pacific, to see how one of the world’s most successful airlines has been faring in the ‘City of Polish Kings’.

Last but not least, we give you some ideas for turning your apartment into a true jungle of greenery. You certainly remember the city’s initiative to give away thousands of free pot plants, which has resulted in the temporary return of the ‘super-long queue’ phenomenon.

Łukasz Cioch

Twórca www.lcmedia.pl; moderator licznych wydarzeń, debat i konferencji (branżowych), copywriter, tłumacz, wykładowca, autor think-tanku; specjalista w dziedzinach: CSR, PR, MEDIA RELATIONS; prowadzi autorskie szkolenia w zakresie wystąpień publicznych, komunikacji niewerbalnej, technik prezentacji i zarządzania procesami komunikacji (biznes/instytucje/coaching indywidualny); komunikacja jest dla niego pasją.

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